Proxy Server

iNODE is equipped with one of the most powerful Web Caching Proxy Server software that can be utilized for large scale installations from the majority of ISPs (

iNODE's administrator has to his disposal a tool with which can control all users' traffic. The tool enables the administrator to allow access to particular internet sites or network addresses or to control the available bandwidth for each user. All this can be controlled with the use of a user interface that allows to set-up, customize and activate filters based on IP addresses, users, time ranges or URL lists.

Having setup different filters based on the above parameters then the administrator can set-up combination of these filters as to control the traffic or to set the bandwidth for each of the filters. For example, you can setup filters that allow specific users or particular IP addresses to connect to the proxy during a predefined period of time while the access specific content from pre-specified URLs. On top of that it is allowed to set specific bandwidth limits for proxy requests that satisfy specific criteria, such as the ones mentioned above.

The service also allows to be configured as a transparent proxy meaning that all requests go through the proxy server.

Once proxy authentication is activated all users will have to login first before they have access to the internet.

The administration of the proxy service can cover any potential needs while it controls Internet access which is a necessity for most of the companies.

The iNODE Proxy Server not only saves bandwidth and speeds up access time, but also gives administrators the ability to track web usage with the daily text and graphical reports.

All LAN users can take advantage of the web caching proxy server while there is no licensing restrains.

Proxy Server