Internet Connection

iNODE operates as the Enterprise Internet Gateway.

iNODE operates as the connecting link of a local network (LAN) with the Internet. It supports a number of different interconnection techniques and protocols including PSTN, ISDN, DSL, aDSL, etc. The available interconnecting devices are automatically identified by the system as soon as they are connected to the system.

The network administrator is provided with the following configuration options:

  • User Administration
  • Email System Setup
  • Dialup Connection Setup
  • Dialing Scheduling
  • Bandwidth Management
  • URL Blocking
  • Unmanaged Firewall
  • Multidrop accounts
  • Proxy/ Caching setup
  • Remote Administration
  • Connection Diagnostics
  • Email Antivirus Scanning
  • Statistics per user & service

Each user has controlled access to web sites and a personal e-mail account (

Internet connection
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