Firewall Services

The issue of security concerns more and more system administrators due to the increase of intra-company use of the Internet through the company network.

For this reason the iNODE is designed is such a way as to guaranty firstly the security of the system itself while at the same time being in a position to offer security to the users of the LAN.

The system has an integrated number of firewall rules. These rules allow the firewall to protect the system and the network from the following type of attacks:

  • Ping flooding
  • Brute attack
  • NUK attack for NETBIOS
  • Ping of death
  • Throttling ICMP & tcp-syn rate

The administrator can decide whether ICMP, FTP or HTTP traffic is allowed to flow through the system.

iNODE can offer the maximum level of security utilizing services such as the E-mail Antivirus, VPN and the Proxy Url Filtering to an organization's network.

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