eMail Services

iNODE offers a full and powerful email system that is in a position to handle the whole of a company's needs in this area.

It supports unlimited domains and unlimited number of mailboxes (License constraint). All users of the system can have their own personal mailbox. To create a mailbox you must first create the corresponding user to which the mailbox belongs to.

The administrator can define an unlimited number of mailing lists; can constrain the maximum number of recipients or the maximum number of attachments for each email, while at the same time the maximum allowed connections per second to the server can also be constrained. In addition, a Forwarder E-mail server can be defined.

Finally, the server allows the delivery of e-mails to a local account from any remote POP3 mailbox. The number or remote mailboxes that can be configured is unlimited. Through this subsystem (Remote mailbox delivery) it is possible to configure multidrop accounts.

  • Easy to implement

    All-in-one functionality makes setup fast and easy.
  • Easy to manage

    Point-and-click web-based GUI manager for easy administration.
  • Flexible

    Works will all e-mail clients, like Outlook, OE, Eudora, Netscape.
  • Cost-effective

    Low per-user licensing fees; Not technical staff required.

The E-mail server supports all the known protocols (SMTP / POP3 / IMAP4). If a client is located in a remote network then the system allows you to configure SMTP authentication.

Clients are free to use any email client, such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Mail, MacOS Mail, etc.

The generation of a new account / mailbox can be done easily and quickly due to the user management console. The number of mail users corresponding to the License purchased and sold in bundles of the system users. For more info please ask your Reseller.

Mail server Anti-Virus - The optional antivirus service provides real-time scanning of all incoming and out going email. For more information on this feature please visit the anti-virus page by clicking here.

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