iNODE™ v1.9.2 Released

12 February, 2019

iNODE version 1.9.2 has just been publicly released after extensive testing. This release includes many new features, enhancements and bug fixes.

The most noticeable new features and enhancements includes the following:
  • Multi Factor Authentication support
  • We have developed direct integration with Duo Security, a Cisco subsidiary for Multi Factor Authentication. We are providing support for MFA on the following iNODE Services:

    1. Admin Web UI
    2. User Portal
    3. Remote VPN Access for L2TP and OpenVPN
    4. Collaboration Suite
    5. GroupWARE/Webmail
    You can enhance the security of the above iNODE services by ordering Duo MFA services and properly configure your system.

  • Proxy Server HTTPS filtering and ICAP support
  • HTTPS traffic inspection is now possible by properly configuring Proxy server. Proxy Server is also able to check content before passing it to the user and block known malware.

  • Collaboration Suite direct Calendars/AddressBooks integration
  • All user accessible Calendars and AddressBooks are now available on Collaboration Suite according to their permissions without any further action.

  • Better CalDAV/CardDAV support
  • Any CalDAV/CardDAV client is able to view Personal or Shared Calendars and Address Books Configured. iOS devices have native CalDAV/CardDAV support and there are available plugins for other platforms also. So you can share iNODE's Mail Server backed Calendars and AddressBooks on any device.

  • Easy iOS device provisioning
  • We have simplified user provisioning for iOS devices so that each user is able to configure his device by simply pointing device's camera to a QR code in user's portal. No further admin action is required. Email, Calendar and Address Book configuration will be automatically configured on each device by simply reading the QR code.

  • Security enhancements
  • We are added several features to enhance security on the system by updating software with security patches and hardening safety of Web UI.

All customers with active support contracts are kindly asked to upgrade their installation to 1.9.2.

You can find more details on iNODE v1.9.2 Release Notes document.