About our Partners

Dataways partner program, "iNODE Partner Program" aims to develop and enhance the selling process of the iNODE product through the certified partner's channel. The partnership level can be any of the following: VAR (Value Added Reseller), Distributor or ΟΕΜ (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

Dataways Hellas policy is to establish a long lasting relationship with its partners by offering all appropriate tools in order to advance the iNODE activity for their benefit.

A certified partner receives all the benefits that Dataways Hellas offers, such as free demo license, training, detailed information source, sales tools, and privileged pricing.

Being a VAR Partner requires a partner to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Have a least 1 trained sales person
  • Have a least 1 trained technical person
  • The partner should operate actively in the IT area covering amongst others Internet and network solutions.
  • The partner should have the ability to demonstrate the iNODE solution
  • There is no need for a partner to restrain either hardware or software stock.

Additional requirements are needed for being a distributor:

  • There should be a minimum stock at the distributor premises.
  • An annually target should be achieved.
  • An annually business plan should be submitted.

Additional requirements for OEM agreements are as following:

  • There should be a minimum stock at the partner's premises.
  • An annually target should be achieved
  • An annually business plan should be submitted
  • The iNODE solution should be part of a total offering including the hardware and software options.




Association IT Reseller IT Reseller H/W Provider
Business Activity Internet Based ICT Equipment Internet Provider
Networking Networking H/W Manufacturer
Integration Security
Vertical Solution
Territories of Interest Large Accounts Channel Channel
Sales Certification 1 1 1
Technical Certification 1 2 2
Demo Environment Yes No Yes
Business Plan No Yes Yes
Inventory Required No Yes Yes
Revenue Target No Yes Yes
Royalties No No -
1st Level Support Yes Yes Yes
2nd Level Support No No Yes
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