iNODE v1.8.5 released

29 June, 2015

This version includes new features, security enhancements as well as many bug fixes and security patches.

The major enhancements are:

  1. New Email to FAX gateway service
  2. All customers with Fax service license will be able to use new email to fax gateway service. This means that fax users will be able to send a fax easily like sending an email via their favorite email client without use any special fax client.

  3. Filesystem performance improvement
  4. This version requires a filesystem conversion from ext3 to ext4. This conversion will eventually provide io performance improvements. The filesystem conversion process is mandatory and a proper downtime window should be properly scheduled to take place during the upgrade from previous version.

  5. Security fixes, kernel update and UI improvements
You can find more details on iNODE v1.8.5 Release Notes document.